Inventors College Organization (ICO)

Dreamed of being a successful inventor?
Let us show you how to take your invention from concept to creation.
Our affiliations then help bring your inventions into the marketplace. 

Otto Schmidt, Inventing Course Instructor/Consultant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada                              Phone: 1+ 416-824-4883

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***Inventors College Organization Services***

         - inventor training workshops for your company, employees or teams (develop original products/services for new sources of income and/or diversification)
         - school student inventing workshops (the inventing process increases motivation, self-confidence, creativity, desire, drive to do well) 
        - workshops that improve the creativity of inventing club members (inventors can learn to diversify in their efforts to invent)
        - assistance and advice to inventors of all ages (we provide direction and advice to existing novice to advanced level inventors) 

*Course Approaches with Participants*

       - no-nonsense lessons teach participants the many essentials of the inventing process. 
      - hands-on experiences, what is taught is as real to life as possible, many in-class simulations, and opportunities to practice what has been learned
      - connections are made to those in the inventing world. See affiliations below.
      - all participants are taught how to present themselves and their invention(s) professionally
     - professional audio-visuals and handouts
     - hands-on construction, interactive teamwork experiences, internet research, and more
     - encouragement to continue inventing by nurturing entrepreneurialism. The invention must not die.
     - we teach many highly-personal compentency skills e.g. higher-level thinking, improving perception, communication skills, leadership

*Course Topics*  
     How to: 
     -generate many ideas for inventions
     - do patent and market searches
     - protect your inventions, legal forms
     - construct prototypes
     - write a business plan
     - communicate and present effectively when showing an invention
     - design advertising materials and displays for expos/shows/exhibitions

*Our Affiliations*
     Innovation Initiative Cooperative Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada  (Inventors Circle)
                 This is the world's first co-op inventors support group.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month (except Dec).  All are welcome as guests.  Join
                 motivated and creative people who want to make a difference.  Details and membership at their website: 

     Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
               This organization filled the void created by the end of the Great Canadian Inventions Shows. It hosts an annual inventions show in Toronto. Attending are national and international
               inventors. See details at their website:

Our clients are international governments, individual schools and school boards, inventing clubs/associations,
national and international companies and businesses, individual inventors, and the general public.

We offer a 2-week intensive course to train those who want to become inventing instructors.   We teach participants how to teach the process of inventing from concept to creation and then practice the teaching skills in class. Once certified by Inventors College Organization, graduates become part of our team of ICO instructors and are monitored and updated by ICO.  Training new inventing teachers  is especially valuable in emerging countries. They often want to tap into the creativity of their people who can then generate new products/services for sale on the world market. This generates greater wealth and prosperity and adds to the overall economy of the country.

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       Otto Schmidt         
         Phone: +1 (416) 824-4883            
Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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