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About the Presenter: Otto Schmidt is a certified teacher and education consultant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He specializes in all areas of gifted education and skills training. His expertise in designing curriculum
is brought to these webinars based on his book. He works nationally and internationally.

Knowledge is not enough! Highly personal competency skills produce
the difference in productivity and creativity in learners and workers of the world.

Join us for an opportunity to:

* develop and enhance personal competency skills
* add another dimension to your teaching
* add highly-desired “soft” skills to your workforce
* unleash the potential in your teams

For individuals, school staffs, business/corporate staffs


Available Webinar Topics

WEBINAR 1. Introduction to Designing Skills-Based Curriculum
Learn how to transition from knowledge/facts/information-based learning to highly personal, skills-based curriculum. Educators at any level! You are invited to make an exciting and exhilerating change in the way you teach your existing curriculum. Become a more valuable guide instead of a director of learning. Empower students to become more independent, self-directed, motivated learners who produce new learning instead of just consuming the old.

WEBINAR 2. How to Become More Perceptive, Alert and Observant in Life and Learning
How much do you notice and observe in daily life? Imagine what you miss and what you might do with it! Elevate your 5 senses through 5 levels of perception so you take in more of the amazing details in any environment. Details everywhere are the food for thought and creativity. Highly perceptive people gather and handle information/facts/knowledge more effectively and to a deeper level.

WEBINAR 3. How to Be a Powerful Analyst!
Learn how to analyze and do a "detailed examination of the elements or structure of something." Learn how to intellectually dissect and process information when reading, viewing audio-visual and educational materials, in daily interactions, and more. Find relationships between details and parts to create new learning that reflects deeper meaning and understanding.

WEBINAR 4. Psst! Let Me Tell You the Secrets of How to Be More Creative
Let us show you many ways to take the ordinary and do something unordinary with it. A highly informative "creativity test" will show how far "inside the box" you are and how to get out of it. Overcome your barriers and approach problem solving situations more playfully. See things from different perspectives to expand thinking. Find uncommon uses for common things.

WEBINAR 5. How to Explode with Ideas: Brainstorming is the Trigger Word
The ability to generate many ideas is very important in personal and work life - problem solving, creative collaborations, teamwork, discussions, debates, homework, studies, and more. Add new zest to life as you learn to generate new and different choices and alternatives. Brainstorming is rooted in generating quantity, diversity, and quality of ideas in an uncritical environment.