Guest Speaking/Lecture Subjects

- informative and thought-provoking talks on practical ways to enrich life, work and the workplace environment. 

(1-2 hr sessions) 

Topics (Custom-designed to meet your needs) 

The Secrets of Creativity 
The Age of Information is being replaced with a more demanding Age of Creativity". What do we need to survive and thrive? How can people be more creative and therefore competitive? 

The Importance of Innovation and Inventing 
The global market demands that we become more competitive. The best way to do that is to continually provide new products and services to boost the economy and for export. 

Communicating and Presenting Effectively 
Learn to use body language, voice, and audio-visual materials to get your message across in the best ways possible. 

Developing a Positive Attitude in Life 
How to nurture mind, body and spirit to boost self-esteem and productivity. 

How to Impress People 
Besides presenting a true and honest "self," there are many other ways to draw people closer to you. 

Personal Life Management 
What should be the priorities in life and work? How to turn away from dissatisfaction and move into satisfaction in life. 

Responding to Life’s Challenges 
A good life is not usually based on luck or chance. Learn about the best responses to whatever comes your way. 

Essentials of Teamwork 
Key elements of interaction and communication maximize creative interplay of team members. The end result is more and better ideas that work. 

How to Be Successful in Business 
Follow the words of wisdom of some of the most successful business mega-stars. 

Developing Your Leadership Skills 
What do leaders have and do that other people don’t? How to be an effective leader. 

Nurturing Happiness in the Workplace 
Learn to put the "12 Simple Secrets of Happiness: Finding Joy in Everyday Relationships" by Glenn Van Ekeren into your workplace. 

Time Management 
Learn many quick rules for managing your time. 

NOTE: For other speaking topics, see "Business Reading Resources" found in the "Business" link on the left.

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