Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

For Adults

Lunch and Learn Seminars
Choose from over 20 1-hour sessions for groups of people enjoying their lunch and wanting to learn. Topics include: creativity development exercises, thinking more analytically, being more perceptive, time management, leadership, body language, and more.

Essential Life Skills Workshop
This non-traditional workshop emphasizes the development of the individual and his/her personal skill set. Participants will be trained in some of the 48 skills to improving creativity, thinking skills and self awareness. Each participant receives a copy of the resource book "Accent on Essential Life Skills" (for educators, corporate staffs, & business teams/employees) (1 day or more workshop, custom designed to your needs)

Getting the Most Out of Gifted Learners
Gifted students learn best when their curriculum is differentiated appropriately, skills are taught instead of knowledge and facts, and they are provided challenging and motivating learning experiences. What they produce must be useful. (for educators & parents) (1-3 hours)

Levels of Perception
Understanding and using the 5 levels will greatly improve sensory awareness and the ability to notice and tune in with all the senses. Creativity is also enhanced. (1-2 hours)

Secrets of Creativity
Creativity is a skill that can be learned! Learn to use some powerful thinking tools and improve problem-solving on a business and personal level. (half day, full day)

Wellness of the Student
Participants engage in a detailed look at ways to meet the needs of students holistically. Learn through group activities, discussions, analytical exercises, and skills training. (mainly for educators, full day workshop)

Whole-School Curriculum Enhancement Workshop
This workshop is designed to provide simple, creative, effective skills, approaches and techniques that will generate new attitudes and energy in teaching and learning. There are very practical ideas and ways to put them into action in any school.(mainly for educators) (half day, full day)

For Children  (weekends or summer camps):

Thinking & Problem-Solving  
Learn essential life skills found in "Accent on Essential Life Skills" Resource Book, (for ages 7+, one day or more)

Secrets of Being Highly Creative
Everybody can learn to be more creative. It is a skill. Learn ways to play with ideas. Visualizing exercises, while relaxed help develop dreams and fantasy for use in writing and art. It is possible to have new thoughts and ideas. This is a hands-on, activity oriented workshop. Participants learn several methods of expanding creativity and then engage in a powerful fantasy while fully relaxed. There will an exciting sharing session afterward. Bring lots of paper, pencils, crayons, pens. (age 7+ - adults, 1-3 day workshop)

Don't Be an Ordinary Artist! Be a GREAT One!
Hands-on activities teach beginnning artists and those at higher levels of artistic ability how to improve perception and the ability to notice and observe the world in greater detail. Develop new and unusual ideas for art by doing imagination stretching exercises. Draw more realistically in 2D and 3D, Develop new themes using sci-fi, dreams, and visualizations. Bring lots of paper and basic drawing materials for sketching and drawing. You will be very busy improving your drawing skills and creating wonderful sketches for future development.(age 7+ - adults, 1-5 days workshop)

A Life-Long Love of Learning: Independent Studies
Some people have a hobby, career or interest that they absolutely love for many years or their entire lives. How do they do that? Independent studies are not done alone, as many people think. Independent means that a person has the choice of learning and researching on their own or with others as required. Self-direction means taking a study in any direction of interest, and learning each area for as long as desired. Participants will learn the steps of developing a life-long hobby or interest and set one up for themselves. Topics will include: finding an appropriate study, developing the theme, creative research methods, developing an idea bank, using what is learned in a real, meaningful, possibly financially profitable way. Active, hands-on workshop.(age 7+ - adults, 1 day workshop)

Talk Back Professionally! Nurturing Communication Skills
Learn the simple, easy-to-learn basics of becoming a great speaker, writer, and debater. The highly useful techniques you will learn are practiced individually and in front of the group during the session. Learn how to: control an audience and be more confident in front of people, free-flow write from your imagination, get more ideas on paper before they are lost. Bring your writing book, pens, pencils. positive attitude and energy. (ages 7 - adults, 1 day workshop)

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