(taking time to reflect on the goodness in life)
  • A special time for: 

    -individuals, small/large groups, adults, young people,school classes, graduating students, mixed/unisex groups, business & corporate groups 

    When available: 

    -half day/whole day/several days, evenings, weekends 


    your choice 
    ask about recommended places 
    (see also the "Retreat Centers" list on this site) 


    - religious and/or secular spiritual elements, 
    -"prayer-scripture-life" approach with a powerful culmination activity, 
    - creative, fun warm-ups, 
    - prayers/Bible readings, 
    - reflective/insight exercises, 
    - relaxation and stress control techniques, 
    - letter/journal writing, 
    - calming/relaxing music, 
    - interactive games,performances, simulations,challenges 
    - group/individual discussions/sharing sessions, 
    - inspirational words/readings, 
    - demonstrations, 
    - meditation, 
    - introspection exercises, 
    - guided creative thinking, 
    - art, 
    - drama, 
    - storytelling 


    A presentation can be custom-designed to meet your needs 
    choose from the following full-day retreats: 

    Grade 8 
    Confirmation Preparation and/or Graduation 
    This is a high-energy, activity-based retreat for students about to experience transition in their lives. The retreat emphasizes four key elements (community, creed, celebration, ceremonies) and the sense of spiritual togetherness they promote. There are co-operative whole group/small groups/team/individual creative challenges, games, and problem-solving activities that develop and nurture the cooperation and togetherness needed in building community. Included: Bible readings, special prayers, relaxation techniques, short group discussions, special group-generated poster. All activities build to the culmination ceremony which challenges students to thank and honour others and heal relationships. 


    Grade 9 

    Community Building 
    Designed to help Grade 9's adjust to their new high school experience, this is a high-energy, activity-based retreat that emphasizes four key elements (community, creed, celebration, ceremonies) that promote human togetherness. Students are challenged to establish themselves as a group and bring new creative ideas to their new school. There are co-operative whole group/small groups/team/ individual creative challenges and problem-solving activities to give students a sense of being important on their new Gr. 9 team. At the end, teams create ideas that would benefit the spirit and wellness of the whole school. Included: Bible readings. prayers, relaxation techniques, group discussion, student generated poster. 


    Grade 10 

    Community Building Part 2 
    This retreat helps Grade 10's strengthen their position in their new school. The emphasis is on using skills, talents and abilities to find a cause and actively bring about positive change in the school. Students are challenged to identify their place in life, be accountable and defend their behaviours and attitudes,and analyze the inspired words of others. Included: Bible readings. prayers, music, drumming exercise, relaxation techniques, group discussion 


    Grade 11 

    Relationships - with God, Jesus, Self, Others, Nature,Authority Figures in Our Lives (choose four) 
    Let's Talk about God: role of God in our lives, ways to get to know God, proving the existence of a God, Living Life the Jesus Way: Golden Rule, how Jesus helps us play a good game of life, Who am I?: confronting and knowing oneself, going on an inner journey while relaxed Others are Important Too!: interdependence, loving & helping each other because we are all in this together. Relating to Nature: we're all in this together, what we can learn from nature Importance of Authority Figures: importance of getting along together, protection of our freedoms, supporting authority figures 
    Includes: demonstrations, Bible readings, special prayers, relaxation techniques, student-designed skits, art 


    (full/half day) 

    Living Life by the "F" Words 
    (Faith, Fidelity, Fortitude, Frankness, Forgiveness, Fresh Start for the Future) 
    Outline: giving power back to God and letting God’s energy restore us control vs. choices, making decisions, living with consequences engaging in a healing/reconciliation/honoring ceremony, forgiving others and clearing the conscience appreciating the wisdom of others and their importance in our lives 
    For a full day, the following may be added: how to handle being a Christian in university: problems encountered, studying, different support systems, standing up for what you believe in 
    Includes: Bible readings, prayers, demonstrations, group interactions, very emotional moments, relaxation techniques, music, optional journal writing 


    Retreats for Teachers & Other Staff Members 
    (full/half day) 

    Custom-designed to meet needs 

    The Play's the Thing 
    ‘"Play is the work of children. Work should be the play of adults." Engage in childhood playful activities and remember what made them fun and enjoyable. Each game and activity has been selected to bring out useful skills that were learned incidentally as a child but are still used in the adult world today. Refresh your life, teaching and student learning by becoming more relaxed, loose, playful and childlike –no, not childish - in your classroom. The day includes special readings, music, discussions, relaxation techniques, and lots of laughter, fun, and creative play with others. 

    Relax and Rejuvenate 
    Choose from the following to customize your retreat: 
    - gentle but fun warm-up games/ice-breakers/challenges/problem-solving activities, formal relaxation techniques, introspective exercises while relaxed, 
    - exercise to connect more deeply to the universal energy, 
    - small group sharing/discussion sessions, 
    - reflection on important "F" Words used to guide life 
    - a spirit-guided walk in the outdoors 
    - honoring, thanking and healing ceremony 
    - building and using a labyrinth 


    Retreats for Other Adults 
    (full/half day) 

    A Celebration of Sacred Remembrances and Life (for seniors) 
    Four parts (2 hour session each day) 
    (1)Growth & Learning 
    (2)Caring, Care-giving & Care-receiving 
    (3) The Gift of the Self 
    (4)Meaning, Wellness & Quality of Life. 
    Participants are engaged in appreciating God's gifts and growing old in a grace-filled way. 

    Social Justice & Moral Responsibility 
    Gaining strength to speak out against injustice, Christian values and principles that our society tries to uphold, the role and power of religions in protest, how to be an activist, finding the strength to start and carry on with a cause. 


    Schools Serviced: 

    Elementary: St. Richard, St. Jude, St. Gabriel, O.L. of Perpetual Help, Blessed Marguerita, St. Kevin, O.L. of Fatima, D'Arcy McGee, St. Joachim 
    Secondary: Neil McNeill, Brebeuf, Marshall McLuhan, Senator O'Connor, Dante Alighieri, Notre Dame, Francis Lieberman, Bishop Allen, Loretto Abbey, Bishop Morocco, St. Patrick, Archbishop Romero, Cardinal Newman, Jean Vanier,St. Basil 

    York Region 
    Elementary: St. Rene Goupil-St Luke, Holy Family, O.L. of Fatima, O.L. of Hope 
    Secondary: St. Robert, St. Joan of Arc, St. Augustine, St. Elizabeth, 

    Elementary: St. Monica,Pauline Vanier, St. Edmund, Metropolitan Andrei, St. Anne, 
    Secondary: St. Martin, St. Augustine, Notre Dame, Cardinal Leger 

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