Definition of Giftedness
Giftedness is an unusually advanced degree of general intellectual ability. Differentiated learning experiences offer a depth and breadth beyond those normally provided in regular school programs. Programming for gifted students is an attempt to satisfy high level educational potential as determined by formal testing.
*A regular school curriculum does not and cannot fully accommodate to the characteristics and needs of gifted students*

Services provided:

For School Administrators & Classroom Teachers(elementary/secondary)
How to:
- subject enrichment in the school curriculum
- develop creativity skills in staff and students
- differentiate curriculum for gifted and other highly intelligent students
- meet emotional and academic needs of gifted students in the regular classroom

For Gifted Program Facilitators
- methods and approaches in teaching gifted students
- developing student skills within the areas of self-awareness, higher-level thinking, researching, communication, creativity, problem-solving, spirituality and leadership
- establishing an effective gifted program center
- establishing a positive parent-facilitator-school relationship
- transferring learning from a gifted center to a regular classroom

For School Boards & Board Resource Staffs
- understanding giftedness and its importance in schools and society
- writing custom-designed curriculum or program for gifted centers
- training and inservicing gifted program facilitators/teachers especially new ones
- whole-school enrichment methods and approaches
- extending and applying learning in gifted classes to the regular classrooms

For Gifted Students, their Parents, Advocacy Groups
- how to identify giftedness in children
- kinds and levels of giftedness
- helping your child be comfortable with giftedness
- tutoring,evaluations,consulting for gifted children of all ages
- nurturing abilities, skills, talents at home
- how to help the school meet your gifted child's needs
- providing ongoing enrichment for your gifted child
- solving problems and conflicts related to giftedness
- assistance with Identification,Placement and Review Committees (IPRC's)
- development of Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
- dealing with the positives and negatives of gifted programming
- dealing cooperatively with teachers/administrators in solving related problems 


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