Lunch and Learn

Enjoy learning while lunching. 
Provide a place in your office or nearby and a custom-designed workshop will be presented within your lunch hour.

One Hour Business Skills Seminars
- interactive & experiential activities
- new economic challenges require more creative, perceptive problem-solvers

Who: colleagues, co-workers, staff, teams, other employees

When: your lunch hour

Where: your meeting room in Toronto and GTA

Why: EMPOWERMENT! Improve personal skill set.

Choose from our seminars based on the skills in  "Accent on Essential Life Skills" resource book

Self-Awareness - Self Improvement

How Successful am I? – investigate 5 areas of accomplishments
Don’t Miss a Thing! – improving levels of perceptiveness, develop better noticing and observation skills
Relax & De-Stress – methods of calming and releasing tension
“Tick-Talk” Time Management – how to honour and use time more efficiently


Secrets of Creativity – what is creativity and how do I nurture it?
Brainstorming – endless streams of ideas using thinking enhancers
Spontaneous Creativity – how to go beyond the limits of conscious thinking and imagination
New Connections Between Old Ideas - forcing new associations helps to think about ordinary things in unordinary ways
"Thinking Outside the Box" - we show participants how deep inside it they are and how to get out

Higher-Level Thinking

Analyze This! – find out what analyzing really involves. Be surprised.
Convergent-Divergent Thinking – convert details into BIG ideas
SCAMPER Model of Problem Solving – trigger words that assist thinking


Confidence in Public Speaking – control your audience, make a bigger impact
Free-Flow Writing – how to get deeper ideas out of the mind before they are lost
Your Body Language Says a Lot – do’s & don’ts of body movements & actions


How to Do an In-Depth Study – step-by-step instructions
Handling Differing Points of View – seeing differences positively
Investigating Backwards – learn CSI-type methods


Complaining Effectively – achieving a win-win situation
Emotional Maturity – rate yourself and others
Handling Criticism – how to give it and take it positively
Elements of Leadership – factors that make a great leader
Only $300 per Seminar
(includes up to 20 participants, additional @ $10 ea.)

*Lunch is not included

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"We add value to people who then add value to their work.”

Accent on Skills Consulting “a holistic approach to a better mind and body”

Otto Schmidt - Principal Consultant

– education consultant, competency skills trainer, certified teacher, speaker, author 
Toronto, ON, Canada



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