This is a different, valuable, non-traditional approach to staff development. While most workshops focus on developing corporate effectiveness, "Essential Life Skills Workshops" enrich and enhance skills on a personal level. The results are increased effectiveness and competency as an individual contributor in the workplace. The skills learned will last a lifetime.


What is a skill?
A skill is an ability or inner power to communicate, solve problems, and/or provide solutions or results. It is acquired through training, practice and experience. A skill facilitates performance, the accomplishment of tasks, and general learning in physical and mental tasks for oneself or others. A skill results in aptitude and competence that leads to becoming an expert or specialist. The operating words that indicate a skill are “how to”.


  • Empower staff by developing awareness and control of personal skills within 7 areas of focus: self-awareness, leadership, creativity, higher-level thinking, spirituality, communication, and researching
  • Provide a holistic approach to daily work and problem solving through the integration of the powers of the mind and body.

Who Should Attend

  • staff at all levels will benefit from learning these skills

Benefits to Participants

  • enhanced ability to think laterally and solve problems
  • heightened ability to notice, observe and interpret
  • increased creativity
  • improved communication skills – reading, writing, speaking
  • heightened awareness and greater valuing of personal abilities
  • enhanced self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • improved balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit

Features of In-House or Conference Workshops

  • instruction for groups of usually 5 - 30 may be held at a site of your choice
  • sessions can be from one hour to several days in length
  • skills selection is custom designed to meet your corporate/group/individual needs
  • bound workshop manuals and other learning aids are provided for all participants
  • sessions may involve: role play scenarios, interactive learning, discussions, motivating stories, case studies, problem-solving situations
  • audio - Visual media is used to enhance learning - PowerPoint, overheads, music

Benefits to the Organization

  • improved lateral thinking skills
  • unleashed leadership abilities
  • reduced stress levels and increased productivity
  • improved team dynamics
  • shorter, more productive and effective meetings
  • more motivated, competent, self-assured employees

Sample Workshop 
(1 day: 9 am – 4 pm) – (selected from 48 skills) 

Part 1: Self-Awareness Skills 
- Tapping the Universal Energy Within/Positive Affirmations - finding inner energy and maintaining balance and wellness - Left Brain – Right Brain Balancing - exercises to help left and right brain communicate more effectively - Improving Levels of Perception - notice more with all the senses - Relaxation Techniques - improve the ability to be calm in times of stress and tension

Part 2: Creativity Skills

Brainstorming - how to generate an endless list of ideas 

Part 3: Thinking Skills 
Convergent-Divergent Thinking - narrowing and expanding thinking 
Inductive-Deductive Thinking - drawing conclusions with and without concrete proof


Part 4: Leadership Skills 
Effective Leadership - elements of personality and behaviour that cause success or failure 

Q & A / Evaluation

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