Accent on Skills Consulting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Two EBooks related to giftedness are now available for purchase.
See "Educational Books"


Services Offered

Education - Gifted, Special Education
(elementary, secondary)

- gifted programs support
- gifted programs curriculum design
- differentiated learning
- gifted program facilitator/teacher training
- teaching staff development
- competency skills training workshops/seminars
- whole-school & individual subject enrichment
- early learning (pre-school ages 2-5) workshops in developing competency skills

Parents/Giftedness Advocacy Groups
- assistance in educating gifted children of all ages 
- competency skills training workshops for adults and children
- weekend workshops e.g. creativity, inventing
- summer skills training camps e.g. art, creative writing, inventing
- guest speaking, meeting & conferences presentations
- tutoring and mentoring of gifted children/adults

Businesses, Corporations, Industrial Companies
- creativity & thinking skills training workshops
- staff development - workshops, in-services
- conference presentations
- guest speaking
- educational seminars
- inventing workshops & related skills training

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